Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course

LCD LED Smart TV repairing Course, At present, LCD LED  & Smart TV  are very popular technologies. Still, we do not have good technicians and good institutes that give the training to repair these TVs. But, ABC Mobile Repairing Institute in Laxmi Nagar Delhi is providing an Led Tv Repairing Course that not only helps in getting the basics of this technology but also helps in getting a good job in this industry. This institute supports entrepreneurship as well. Their counselor helps a lot in setting up a business and provides all the details starting from where to get the sources to run the business and how to get clients for the business.

LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course

The faculty members at this institute are highly experienced and always encourage creativity in a student. The teacher’s help in providing all the theoretical and practical knowledge to the student give them the confidence required to face the dynamic smart TV industry. The teaching module includes theoretical as well as practical knowledge on tracing, replacing components, assembling and disassembling of a component and also gives useful tips on fault repairing techniques to the student.

The LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course Institute module contains the following:

  • the basic diagram of LCD/LED television
  • information on Liquid crystal diode (LCD) and Light-emitting diode (LED) displays
  • Introduction to elements like power supply and inventor board
  • Basics and working of main processing board
  • What is the controller and how does it function?
  • What are LCDdriver unit and its working?
  • Basics of Standby Circuit
  • What is LCD/LEDtechnology and how does it works?
  • How CRT technology, LCDtechnology and LED technology are different?
  • Advantages of evolving modern systems
  • What is Colour quality?
  • How does the of smart apps works?
  • How to Storage details?
  • All about flash ROM
  • What is HDMI data system?
  • Toolkit required in LCD/LED repair
  • Basic of tools like Analog Multi Meter & Digital Multi Meter, Digital Microscope, Hot Air Soldering Station and Re-bolling Machine
  • How to Assemble and disassemble a smart TV?
  • What are the Precautions and safety measures to be taken used while assembling and disassembling?
  • How to fix the minor and major faults?
  • How to do the diagnosis of defective parts?
  • How to Troubleshoot a Led Lcd Smart TV?
  • Different connection problems and fixing them
  • Taking care of PSU (Power Supply Unit) failures, mainboard failures and inverter board failures and how to perform it quickly?
  • How to work on both the Video and Audio issues in a smart TV?
  • OSD/Menu Failure basics
  • Fixing problems like white screen, negative reveres, rainbow screen, mirror image and line in picture related problem.
  • How to work on the backlight issue?
  • Understanding the Multimedia projectors and the problems
  • Basics and working of the Resistor
  • LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course:- Basics and working of the Capacitor
  • Basics and working of the Inductor
  • LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course:- Basics and working of the Diode
  • LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course:- Basics and working of the Bridge Rectifier
  • Basics and working of the Transistor
  • LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course:- Basics and working of the Mosfet
  • Basics and working of the Optoisolator
  • LCD LED Smart TV Repairing Course:- Basics and working of the Voltage Regulator
  • Other basic maintenance and problems troubleshooting
  • Led Lcd Smart Tv Repairing Course to provide Free Demo Class.

After getting all the basic and practical knowledge the students are trained on getting their dream job? The students will be given 100% placement assistance and groomed on how to crack an interview. Students will also get the required knowledge on how to build their resume and attract good jobs?

Completing this LCD TV Repairing Course in Delhi is not only about getting the basics on LCD LED Course but also getting the practical knowledge and a job to become self-sufficient. If you are looking for any such course or any help related to it, you can contact us or visit us and get a free demo class to try it yourself.

Advantage of Led Tv Repairing Course

Our LED LCD Repairing Institute is one of the premier institutes that are providing advance level LED LCD Repairing courses in Delhi/NCR. The institute is dedicated to producing highly skilled LED LCD repairing engineers that trained to cater to the job market. We are providing onboard training to the students on all the latest LED LCD models like Videocon, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and other branded TVs. The practical training is covering all the parts of a TV and possible faults on TV that a student can face in the future. The faculty members of our LED LCD Repairing Institute are experience holders and have practical experience of the industry that proves to be very useful for students.  The campus of the institute is high-tech and the practical training labs have all the modern tools that are required for the repairing process. Our institute takes its corporate relations very seriously and focusing on the placement of every student. In addition to our corporate relationship, we are also focusing on providing training on mock interview and personality development so that the students face the interview with confidence. The location of our LED LCD Repairing Institute is easy to find and connected by metro and other transport services to the other parts of the city.

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